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We offer the absolute finest in boating accessories and water sports equipment!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Boater's Choice Marine has the right options for you. Our experienced staff can help match you to the proper equipment to best improve your performances and enhance your time on the water.

Oneill, Hyperlite, HO Sports, Phase 5

With one stop you can get you all you need such as boards, skis, vests, gloves, ropes, tubes, anchors, booms, pylons, bindings, wetsuits, hats, shirts, and so much more!

Wake Boards, Wake Surfers
Ski Vests, Boating Accessories

Hyperlite and Phase Five Wake Surfers dominate the wakeboarding scene! HO Skis help the top professional skiers win again and again. Demo one and you'll see why HO is the way to go!

HO Skis

Boater's Choice Pro Shop carries a variety of tubes to satisfy both the calm and crazy tuber in all of us!

Boat Towing Accessories, Boat Tubes

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